Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Salon

It's been awhile since I've written a Sunday Salon post here. It's also been too long since I've had any real quality reading and writing time. I'm surprised that the number of followers continue to grow here. Actually, I feel guilty and embarrassed about it. I write sporadically, nothing particularly insightful nor creative yet many of you are showing up here.

Anyhoo, today I'm glad I've had a little time to read bloggers who do write well. Many are friends I respect and admire. If you haven't checked out a few of the bloggers I read, I highly recommend you check out Zetta at Fledgling, Jill at Rhapsody in Books,Tayari at Tayari's Jones and Claudia at The Bottom of Heaven.

Life is hectic at home and not just because of the holidays. The rogue cheerleaders have been suspended. There is a fierce and unpentrable alliance among them. I am struggling to find a balance in my reaction and doling out fair consequences. The cheerleading squad adopted two families so we finished shopping for a young girl and that was a nice distraction. We're just getting around to sprucing up the house with holiday decorations. I have a few gifts to pick up. It's another lean Christmas but this year doesn't sting as much.

Because I am new on my job, I only have Christmas Eve and Christmas off (unpaid). We're moving to our cubes on Wednesday, and we're all beyond ready to be in our little spaces. I'm looking forward to a daily, monotonous grind (hey, I need no more excitement nor challenges in my life). I'm looking forward to short, slow week.

Little reading but I have gotten in some. I put Marshall's, Brown Girl, Brownstones aside for now. It's a great read but it doesn't fit my mood right now. Instead, I picked up Graffiti Women by Nick Ganz and very much enjoying the artwork and the writers/artists commentary. A while back, Doret from Happy Nappy Bookseller or Ari at Reading In Color recommended Lockdown: Escape From Furnance by Alexander Gordon Smith. I requested it from my library and this weekend it finally came in.

I've signed up for several reading challenges for the new year (see my sidebar) and I'm thinking about approaching my local branch about starting a book chat group. The DQ has been enlisted. Of course she's thrilled. Cheerleading has taken up all free time for homeschooling (and to be honest we can't carry on a conversation for more than ten minutes before she's complaining and I'm asking why I have been forsaken) and her blog- well, Facebook is far more appealing. Anyhoo. Here's to a new year.

Hope you all are enjoying holiday activities and each other.


Gavin said...

Good to see your Sunday Salon post, and thanks for the links. I am going to have to find Graffiti Women, maybe my library has a copy.

Have a wonderful, peaceful holiday!

Jessie Carty said...

One of the only things I miss about work was functions like adopting a family. We did that for a few years when I was in a small office and it was just great to be able to do something for a family that was working hard to get on their feet :)