Thursday, January 21, 2010

Color Online: Thank You Bloomsbury but I'm Not Ready To Kiss

Thank You Bloomsbury but I'm Not Ready To Kiss

and make up.


* Fails to accurately represent race and diversity
* Says people of color do not matter
* Denies readers positive and diverse representation
* Is socially and morally wrong

Bloomsbury regretted the Liar mistake. The publisher failed then as they have now to acknowledge our valid criticism. They have failed to denounce whitewashing and to admit they are culpable.

Let us remain focused and committed to real change: realization of true diversity and representation in publishing.


Color Online said...

The Boycott page will go, AND a new page will go up. We will continue to protest whitewashing. We will post links to any new incidents and articles about promoting diversity on our new fan page. Of course I need to make a new button.

Doret is right. This time a new cover is not enough.

Lee Wind said...

I'm really glad they've acknowledged their error, but I think we can't let the issue drop - it just keeps coming up. Thanks for all you do!

Jodie said...

Susan that's a great idea to provide a source for people to find each new incident to protest (and provide a running history of what has gone before). They just don't seem sorry, I mean I know that a multinational corporation is not going to say sorry, but they could at least put out more genuinely contrite sounding press releases. At the moment it's kind of like 'ok we did it, now go away'.

Amy @ My Friend Amy said...

I personally would like them to repent as well, but Jodie's probably right, it doesn't look like they will. I'm glad you'll be setting up a page to track these incidents...I think documentation will really help show people that it happens, how often it happens, and how wrong it good for you for staying strong....

Color Online said...
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Color Online said...

Friends, new page is up. Join us,

Readers Against WhiteWashing (RAWW)
on Facebook.