Saturday, January 23, 2010

POC Challenge

Blog brown, people.

This is as straight forward as it gets: Read brown. Pam is hosting this challenge. There's currently no time frame. You don't have to list your titles in advance. Every month or quarter (depends on volume; let's make it necessary to make it every month) you'll find a space to link to your reviews.

Let us be clear. We want publishers and retailers to know we value and read POC. We said it to be true so let's demonstrate it. Open field all genres, all age groups and non-fiction counts, too.

Level 1: Read 1-3 POC books
Level 2. Read 4-6 POC books
Level 3. Read 7-9 POC books
Level 4. Read 10-15 POC books
Level 5. Read 16-25 POC books


Tarie said...

This is exciting. ^_^

hcmurdoch said...

I'm in, going for level 4 at least, and have posted the books I've already read on the POC challenge website. It's a good thing.