Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Confession Tuesday: An Affair with Food

It's Tuesday. That means it's confession time. Keeping this short. Dinner's ready. My confession tonight is about why I can’t lose weight. I could name a few reasons but you all would undoubtedly say "lame excuses" and tell me to step away from the table, and I couldn’t argue so I’m going to share the biggies with you and they are big. I don’t care if you agree with me or not.

The truth is I LOVE to eat and my guy is a helluva cook. In fact, smelling dinner is what inspired this post. It’s hard to lose weight when the love of your life satisfies your second greatest love affair.

Thank Maude I worked out like a demon at the gym right after work and I walked home from the gym. And let me count my blessings that the incredible aroma coming from the kitchen is Polenta. That saves me a confession I don’t have to make.

Back from Dinner which was fantastic. First course was a layered mozzarella salad with fried tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and a three vinegar and Dijon mustard dressing served with kalamati olives. Main course was a lovely polenta cake with flecks of red and yellow peppers and smoked salmon served on a bed of mixed greens, basil and lemon wedges.

According to my guy the meal was not the fat fest I feared. The tomatoes were quickly fried and drained. And the dressing was three parts vinegar and one part mustard. The meal was aromatic and seasoned perfectly. The presentation beautiful. No seconds. No guilt.

Loving a cook is a wonderful thing.


Jodie said...

Yummy, sounds so hard to resist. You could try suggesting smaller portions of the main food and bigger portions of the salad to your husband. That way you still get the delicious food, but fewer calories. Or you could make the same food, but split it and take leftovers for lunch so you eat one regular sized meal over the day but feel like you ate two (won't work with every meal I know). Food is hard to resist, so really why try?

susan said...

Hi Jodie,

He's good about portions. And does what you suggest. Me, on the hand was raised to eat everything on my plate and to pile it on. Last night was very sensible. At first I thought I'd be hungry but I wasn't.

Aths said...

My best friend is a great cook. He sometimes cooks for me, and I don't feel much like resisting either. I somehow don't think it's a good idea to reject all that good food. Haha! But if there's an active life thrown in, it doesn't matter. That's how I motivate myself. :)

Jessie Carty said...

i confess that weight is such a pain in the butt issue that so many of us have to deal with. and i'm gonna go work out now :)

Lorin said...

Okay, I'm hungry now. =)

Anonymous said...

I love this idea of a weekly confession. As for loving a cook, mmm that would be hard as I love my food to. I loved reading this :-)