Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Lov'n Monday

It's Monday. It's a day we give a little lov'n. Comments let bloggers know you're reading them. "I like this" in the comment section says plenty. Commit to reading and commenting to 5 blogs this week. Stop by the following links and drop a few links of your choice, too.

"Growing Up Asian American" @ Moms of Hue
My parents immigrated from the Philippines in the 70s. Both had three jobs each at any given time to make ends meets.

Tim Tingle's SaltyPie @ American Indians in Children's Literature
I always knew we were Choctaws, but as a child I never understood that we were Indians. The movies and books about Indians showed Indians on horseback. My family drove cars and pickup trucks. Movie Indians lived in teepees. We lived in modern houses. Indians in books and on television hunted with bows and arrows. My father and my uncles hunted, too, with shotguns, but mostly they fished.

"Ain't they black!" @ Fledgling
How could it be that with two black girls now living in the White House, African and African American authors are credited with less than 2% of the five thousand books published for children in the US each year?

Foxy: My Life in Three Acts Book Giveaway @ Color Online.

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valerie said...

Love this post. Helps others, helps everyone. Thanks.