Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Confession Tuesday

Wouldn't you know just when I'm finding my groove again, my pc decides to spazz out on me. It was down most of the day and when I could get on, I had a few other writing assignments I wanted to complete. Then I had a community meeting for my apartment complex. Then dinner.

I confess I almost bailed. Then I thought how I'd feel if I couldn't get on tomorrow. Nope, do it now.

Apparently, I have a low tolerance for pain. When I banged my knee at the gym, despite trying to feign toughness, I passed out because of the pain. Before my surgery, they had to medicate me (polite way of saying dope me up) because my blood pressure spiked and it only escalated. Now I had some pain but nothing that should have caused the spike. Throw in a little anxiety (I hate hospitals and the idea of anesthesia really scares me) and you get one spazzed out chica. Lesson: I need to remain healthy. Pain and fear is a nasty stroke- inducing cocktail for me. I have to do better to relax and take my recovery slowly or I risk raising my blood pressure which means more medication. Like I said, I must stay healthy.

My daughter is currently reading Woman Hollering Creek by Sandra Cisneros. She tries so hard to impress me. I confess I initially let an exasperated sigh slip through my lips (I feared she'd be bored and it would be more weeks before she picked up another book) but I rebounded and asked her what she thought. As it turns out the more she reads it, the more she likes it. I confess I haven't told her I haven't read it yet. My daughter assumes I've read everything. While she's running around with her buddies, I'll have to read it so I can ask her more and we can enjoy talking about a book we've both read. She is still my reluctant reader so when we both like a read it is a huge treat for me.


Anonymous said...

Daughters are so funny in their search for themselves. I wish there were a tape of me going through life for my mom's approval!

When my daughter was younger, she refused to read any book I had read! Now, she is always asking me for books!! Daughters are so funny, each and every one of us!

And, m'am how is your knee doing?

MissAttitude said...

Like your daughter, I always think you've read everything! You mean you haven't? :0 haha

How is your knee? Take it slow. Good for you for staying with it!

I miss my #1 blogging godmother but Edi and Doret have tucked me firmly under their wings :)

January said...

We could all do better these days. I hope you're feeling better mentally and physically.

How wonderful that you and your daughter share a fondness for books, even if she’s reluctant sometimes. My kids and I share a love of books, too. I hope it continues into adulthood.

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I are usually in unison about the things we read. Then I brought a book home that she refused to read past the first page. She was actually repulsed by the language and wondered how I even finished it (The Help). My reaction to the novel was to start a blog about what I read that bothered me and cite historical references people may not know about. www.acriticalreviewofthehelp.wordpress.com.

We both loved "Moonshine" by Alana Johnson. But she split on JR Ward's "Lover Mine" and "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave. Next up is "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"


susan said...

Ari, why you wanna make me cry? We've been apart too long. I'll get busy.

Thanks, all.