Friday, September 26, 2008

A Writer's Meme

It's Friday. I want to talk poetry (or writing in general) and politics if anyone will indulge me. So here's a meme. If you choose to respond, please leave a link to your responses or post your comments here.

Writer's meme

If you believe the personal is political, how is this reflected in your work or life?

Are there any dominating themes, images or ideas prevalent in your body of work?

What theme(s) or idea(s) have you avoided in your work? Why?

Are you drawn to any particular themes, ideas or styles of poetry?

Who are some of your favorite poets (writers) and why?


punatik said...

Hi Susan, I try to stay from political issues , unless they are local ones. Lately the dominating theme of my work is day in the life of kinda stuff. Earlier poems and rants are made up of observations and experiences that I've had. Some Dark, but they're there as part of my whole experience. I have tried to avoid my former drug use and sexual exploits, however there are veiled references to the effect. I am drawn to the day to day ups and downs we all face as humans living our daily lives.My favorite reading material includes Bukowski and Hemingway, because I can relate to the despair, and the insight they provide to societal "norms".

susan said...

Thanks Emilio.

I've asked a few poets to respond. I hope those of you reading here will consider responding as well.

Thank you all for making BES an interactive, fun place to be.

Jessica said...

Thanks for tagging me with this meme, Susan. I'm so glad I got something to write about. Also, thank you for your really engaged comments over at RWP.

Here's my meme!

susan said...

Thank you, Jessica!
I love talking about process and poetry in-depth. On my way to read your response.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks for these questions.

I write about environmental issues mostly, but i try to avoid being either too strident or too depressing, though the depressing particularly can creep in very easily. I try as far as possible to live an environmentally frieldny life too and now work for an environmentally related charity.

I'm drawn to nature poetry. My favourite poets are Margaret Atwood and Ruth pPadel but there are many many excellent poets writign today.

There are no themes I actuvely avoid in my work, but Crafty Green Poet does only contain environmental /nature themed poetry, so it may look as though I only have one theme. I don't its just that the other themes appear in other places.

Rethabile said...

Thanks for the meme. my answers will appears later today on Poéfrika. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Hi, Susan. Here's a link to my answers to your questions. Thanks for providing the fuel for thought.

more on poetry and politics

Rethabile said...

OK. They're up. Best.

susan said...

For those who haven't read yet, do check out Christine's, Rethabile's and Jessica's response. When we're not reading great poetry, it's great to read what poets have to say about the art.

Ana said...

I had only discovered this post today and tried to post my answer:

My personal life has been invaded by political issues since I had emigrated so...