Saturday, April 18, 2009

I've Been Touched by A Fairy

Serena gave me an Enchanted Blog award!

The only requirement for this award is that you share it with whomever you like, sharing the love is always a good thing. The blog has to show only one characteristic, caring. So, start sharing this enchanted award with five other bloggers. Let your bloggers know they have received this enchanted award. (Remember, fairies are fickle wee things, don't incur their displeasure by ignoring their gift.)

It's always cool to be recognized by a peer. I believe in paying it forward and I like to acknowledge as many people as possible so I try to pick new recipients when I have the opportunity to recgonize others. This time I choose:

1. Edi at Crazy Quilts. Librarian by day (we won't speculate how wild and crazy she is outside of work), CQ is chock full with informative posts and great reference links. Edi is also a regular, welcomed friend here.

2. Eva at A Striped Armchair. Since taking on the library, I spend an inordinate amount of time reading YA and children's books. When I want a fine literary read, Eva is among the few reviewers I check in with first. Her reading habits are diverse and her reviews are the kind of essays professors hope for.

3. Christine at Balanced on The Edge. Christine wears a few hats and one of my favorites is poet. In her work expect the unexpected. Often she describe an image in a way that makes you pause. She is a friend who takes time to come by and makes you feel good when you come by her place.

4. Mitali at Mitali's Fire Escape. Mitali demonstrates a real commitment to diversity. She not only writes multicultural literature meant for all readers' enjoyment but she is an outspoken advocate for writers of color.

5. Linda at Linda's Poems. Linda is a teacher and a poet. It's really hard to top this folks. I am a vocal advocate for teachers. My own writing is average, but I believe I have developed a real understanding of quality work and let me tell you, Linda is a fine poet.


Liyana said...

Congrats! (:

mbpbooks said...

Oh, my! I am in such good company here I think I'll stick around and savor it! Thanks so much for your kind words, and for your great comments on my blog.

susan said...

You're welcome. And thank you for all you do.

Anonymous said...

You're sporting new spring attire! Nice!!
Thanks for the kudos and for all your support!

Eva said...

Thanks so much Susan! What a sweet thing to say! :D

Serena said...

I'm glad you like the award. And its great to see new blogs on a list for an award. I plan to check them out. I do read A Striped Armchair though.

Okie said...


susan said...

Hi Okie, ah, this means you chosen to spend some time reading here. Way cool. I'm flattered. Thanks.