Saturday, May 30, 2009

Color Online Summer Book Drive


Many of you know I run a community library at a local nonprofit, Alternatives for Girls. We have a great collection. Our women's studies collection would impress academics and women studies majors and our youth collection is chock full of work by women about girls and women of color which reflects the community we serve. We have a solid collection of multicultural literature because our girls need to know the world is larger than the city boundaries. Still, there are areas I struggle to fill: new releases in children's and YA literature, graphic novels, comics and biographies.

Our summer, Rise -N- Shine program for elementary and middle school girls begins the end of June so this is the best time to run our book drive. Please consider purchasing a title for us from our wish list at Powell Books. We also love gently used books. And in the economic times, some of you may want to give but can't. It would be huge help if you would blog about our drive and leave a link to our wish list on your sidebar between now and July 1.

To send donations directly, mail books media rate to:


We thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions, please contact me at


Ana S. said...

A copy of The Savage is on its way to you :) I will mention this on my blog also. The library sounds absolutely amazing, and I'm happy to be able to help a little.

susan said...

Thanks Nymeth, I saw the book on your blog and I believe the girls will relate to the characters rage and hurt. The pic is our library, a very tiny corner of it. The room is small but but every wall is covered with a bookcase. :-)

Summer said...

I'd love to help. I'm going to Borders tomorrow so I'll pick up something from the list and email you so you can take it off the Powell's list!

susan said...

Thanks Summer.

And to all donors who will be mailing books, a few things you need to know:

1) Use media rate. It's cheap and we get it fast enough. Don't let to P.O. workers

2) Use packaging tape. Others don't hold or moisture can get in.

3) Tightly wrapped and use plastic or bubble wrap. Machines do most of the work. More than a few books have come damaged because well-meaning sender is unaware of how roughly parcels are handled. If books slides, high chance of parcel being ripped.

4)Heavy books need boxes. P.O. will simply send me a note about a lost book because a machine ripped paper or bag.

Debi said...

Just to let you know a copy of Thirteen Reasons Why will be on the way in the next few days. What a wonderful thing...thanks for letting us play a tiny part.

susan said...

Thank you, Debi. Every gift goes a long way. I think we forget tiny can be amazing, too.

Gavin said...

Susan - I will mention the book drive this on my blog and try and send some books along.

susan said...

Thank you, Gavin. We have the library we do because of folks like you.

Jodie said...

Hiya 'Because I am Furniture' and 'Silver Phoenix' are now on their way to you. Hope the girls like them!

susan said...

Thank you, Jodie.

Color Online said...

Thank you all for linking and blogging about our drive. Please let me know if you order a book and it does not update on the wish list so I can manually do it.

The response has been very good. Very encouraged. Will keep you updated how the drive is progressing.


Color Online said...

Thank you all for an incredible response. You can find out plenty about what we received at Color Online.

Today, we got more packages including a box full of goodies for Steph at Steph Su Reads and several anonymous donations.

Again, thank you all!