Friday, May 22, 2009

Poetry Friday

Morning 85
Sadiq Bey

during the ceremony, of course
she was late, swollen with admiration
and witnessing the genetic mass
thrown, barreling towards the future,
my childs was not fair, "the memory-
frozen image," she wore makeup and
a long black weave to match the sexy
black child is an adult.
the realization so peculiar, it's easier
to accept a twenty-five old woman,
holding gladiolas and taking pictures,
I must tell you, prayers are answered.

from Abandon Automobile: Detroit City Poetry 2001 edited by Melba Joyce Boyd and M.L. Liebler. Earlier this week I wrote a piece for Weekly Geeks. We were to give the reader a literary tour of our hometown. There is so much I love about my city. We are teeming with artists, and I have a particular affinity for our poets. Read more selections at Susan Taylor Brown's.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Susan! Just thought I'd say hello. ;)

I liked this poem you chose. My little girl is almost sixteen. It's very strange indeed to see them grow up and go their own way.

Anonymous said...

this reminded me of my own and how fast they grew up..:)