Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Okay, I've recently created my own blog, something I wasn't even remotely interested in years back. I'm an online vet, a seasoned online community member but the blog thing- I just wasn't interested in journaling online, so why now? Well, because I belong to plenty of communities, what I have learned is that today online users are increasingly moving to blog space, so if I want to remain connected, I need to keep up with technology and networking patterns.

Anywhoo, that isn't what I wanted to talk about. In the old days, in my own critique forum, we encouraged members to post their drafts, and when they got feedback, to post the revision with the original so the reader could see the progression or changes in a work. I plan on doing that here. Now here's my issue: I don't write polished first drafts, and if I'm going to stick with this crazy notion of writing everyday, I want my posts to reflect who I really am: a wannabe, scattered-brained poet who strongly believes in revision and input from my peers, and a wannabe critic who loathes the idea of folks posting every little brain fart they have. Having said that, if I'm going to get naked here, I want it clear that I'm not all that comfortable, not sold on this notion of posting rough drafts especially just for the sake of providing proof that I'm writing daily. Honestly, I'm really unnerved by this posting something everyday. Writing everyday I get.



j.white said...

You have kids?

I'm in. What do I do with my daughter?!

susan said...

Hi J,

My girls are 22 and 12.

Cloudscome said...

I really like the idea of posting drafts and revising after feedback. I come back and edit my posts hours or days later, because I am still thinking about what I said and wanting to get it better. I like the idea of stating it right from the get-go that it is a draft. And that I'll be back with more to say on the subject. I tend to give myself the pressure of thinking I have to get it completely right before I hit publish. From now on that's no longer true!

susan said...

Ah, glad to hear I have company.

For those who haven't read cloudscome's blog, you should. She rocks.