Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Nothing earth-shattering to share this evening, but I do have a few confessions. One, I've been out-of-sorts again. Anyone else feel as though she's off more than on? We just had a new shift bid at work and with least seniority, yours truly gets whatever is left over. This time, this means midnights with the first two days of the normal work week off. ((sigh)) I know I'll adjust, but I don't look forward to the change. Even when I want change, there is some resistance and complaint.

Picked up several books today. I only did ok the first week of the reading challenge. Second week, I wasn't feeling well so I'll barely squeak by. I loaded down for this third week, and this is good for a few reasons. For one thing, I had a serious reading streak going for awhile and the regular routine of reading provided a kind a stability and structure that made me feel good. And some of that reading gave me images, ideas and possibilities for future writes.

I've slowed down reading the political blogs and news sites. I'm suffering election fatigue. And the ugliness of the 'fringe' folks at the recent McCain/Palin rallies is just plain depressing. I heard Ted Koppel on NPR yesterday talking about "The Last Lynching." I was glad that during the discussion and on the blog, respondents reminded listeners of the 1998 lynching of James Byrd, Jr. True progress will be made when we move away from race baiting and hatred. No matter how the election turns out, I will not soon forget the tactics of the McCain/Palin ticket nor the vitriol expressed by rally goers. These tactics and images will long affect how I vote and participate in our political process.


mgirl said...

Oh the 14th was a full moon, possibly the reason for feeling more out of sorts? Anyway I know how you're feeling, especially with reading. I go through spurts of reading and get so frustrated when I can't stay focused enough to finish a book I've started.We have to stop being so hard on ourselves. Keep up the great writing though!

Mariacristina said...

I agree with you about the McAin/Palin tactics. Devastating, wrong minded, just plain wrong.

I tried to vote today, but the lines stretched all across the parking lot. I'll try again tomorrow, earlier in the day.

Let's keep the faith.

christine said...

I didn't mean to submit my comment with my old link. Here's the new one.

And good luck with the new hours at work. Overnights are tough.