Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Confession Tuesday

When All the Bullcrap of My Life Comes Crashing Down

Take one part monthly cycle, one part allergies and two parts bills mix together with collective worry of the current economic crisis, sprinkle in a little family drama and don't add anything sweet like shopping for books or good eats and you get my current state of funk.

My computer is hiccuping, and I'm behind with my posts. I have a class at work tonight (I work midnights; what do they expect me to retain at 3am?) and I'm bloated. I'm just not feeling any love at the moment.

I'm sure you can understand then why this Tuesday's confession is posting Wednesday. Arggg. I'm going to write some poetry during my two hour commute to work tonight and affirm I can play catch up and keep moving. Hopefully, writing will alleviate some of the stress and disappointment I'm feeling this early part of the week.

So how you all feelin'? For more confessions, check in with January.


Serena said...

I hope writing helps out with all the stress you are feeling. Try to have a good day!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Hang in there, friend! Remember that being down means that "up" will come along soon.

Zetta Elliott said...

I felt myself sliding into the abyss as well earlier this week. Can you take a personal day? You do so much for others, Susan. I'm glad that writing poetry has become part of your busy routine. Do something indulgent for yourself...I think I'm going out in search of cake!

Thinking Aloud said...

All of that and you still find time to drop your fellow bloggers a line. Take a moment for yourself, in fact, take a few.
Today is my birthday, my fortieth. I am taking a few for me.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear your feeling so blue! Do take time for yourself! Meet girlfriends for a ladies night out or treat yourself to a pedicure. Do something different and fun, you deserve it!

January said...

You know it's a busy week when I'm just coming by on a Sunday! Easter, no less. Well, I hope the week and upcoming weeks are an improvement.

So much in the world to deal with right now. I hear you loud and clear.