Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am Cretian, I am Male!

"And I'm Having Your Baby"
part 1
part 2

It had been a fortnight since their talk. Some talk. It had gotten ugly almost instantly. Their quarrel was brutal. Krell told Trekia he was pregnant and while he expected her to be shocked or numbed, what he didn’t expect was for her to go all sexist and traditional on him. She took a deep breath and then said that she wanted Krell to come with her to see her parents. She would have them draw up a contract immediately and she would take care of him and their offspring.

Krell lost it. What, you roll around in the grass a few times with a female, get knocked up and she assumes the guy wants to get married? He wants her to save her from shame and make him a respectable, male Cretian! What a crock of dung! Because she was upper caste and an attractive female she assumed that Krell would want to be contracted to her for the rest of his life? He hissed at her. He told her she wasn’t worth two dead flies to him and under no uncertain terms would he have her as his provider. He told take her double humped, three-footed tail and slither off under some rock and don’t look back.

Trekia just stared. Her mouth gaped but silent. He knew he had been cruel. Yes, he had a right to be angry but there had been no reason to have gone off. He had treated her as if she were an enemy combatant. Trekia blinked hard and turned away.

Krell stood there that night shaking and panting hard for several minutes. He climbed back to his post and thought hard about what he was going to do with his life and the one he was carrying.

Cretian pregnancy cycles were fast and furious. There was no time to waste. The following evening meal, he told his family. His mother was unbelievably stoic and silent. The blood completely drained from her face. She stood up and left the room. His brothers’, after recovering from shock, pleaded with Krell to accept Trekia’s offer or terminate the pregnancy. He refused. Eventually, they accepted his decision and told him they supported him. His father, was teary-eyed, but held it together. He said he loved him and then he went fishing. His sister, well, she unleashed the wrath he had expected. She hissed at Krell. Told him she had always known he’d turn out to be worthless and she only hoped that he disappeared quickly before shaming the whole family. Then she stormed out of the module.

Continued.... (this is a link, folks)


ThomG said...

The build-up continues. Like where it's been, and look forward to where it goes.

susan said...

Hi Thom, sorry for the confusion. The "Continued" is a link. Thanks.

Kristy Worden said...

I enjoyed your story - it reads pretty well. Do you always do fantasy? (I'm new here)

susan said...

Hi Kristy, No, I don't. In fact, I don't write regularly outside of a couple of memes. Reading wise, I lean towards urban fantasy. And I like it to be pretty realistic if that makes sense. Or in other words, I don't like faires, magic or women needing saving. :-)

Welcome. Hope you'll come back. Definitely will make my way to your site. Thanks for reading and commenting.