Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Sunday Salon

Besides a sinus headache that put me in bed for two days, I had a good week. I got my fill of great blog reading this week and I participated in a few memes. Speaking of memes, won't you share with us how diverse your reading habits are? Check out the meme at Color Online and leave a link if you respond. We're looking for guest and regular contributing writers for Color Online. If you're interested, drop me a note at

I'm slowly becoming acclimated with Twitter. Call me slow, but I've only realized that platforms like Twitter and Facebook are replacing what e-mail accounts were for us early Internet users. I knew listserves and message boards were dinosaurs, but I hadn't realized that online users today use their social networking accounts like I previously used email and chatrooms.

Light week for books. And for me that's a good thing. My tbr pile is seriously threatening to fall over and two weeks in a row, I've had to return and renew what I currently have out from the library. See my weekly mailbox post here. Don't forget May is Asian Pacific Island Awareness and Latin Book Month. Did you read anything related to either groups?

I'm currently reading Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia. It's a story about girl violence in schools. I'm a Williams fan. Check out her interview at The Brown Bookshelf. I've also read Every Time A Rainbow Dies and No Laughter Here and Like Sisters on The Homefront.

We've opted to change our schedule for C.O.R.A. to the first and third Friday of every month. We think the extra time between assignments will keep the meme fun and allow participants more time to write and share their contributions. See Ali's current assignment regarding children's literature here. Check out last week's YA literature responses here.

Every Monday is Little Lov'n Monday. On Mondays we commit to reading and commenting to fellow bloggers. We also want to give some lov'n back. Weekly drawing for a free book just for supporting your peers. Congratulations to this week's winner, Geoffrey Philip. Geoffrey is a warm, intelligent, nice-on-the-eyes island fella. Check him out here. If you haven't joined us, do. Who doesn't want a little lov'n?

Check out my response to Diversity In Reading. For my Confession Tuesday post, I wrote about key elements of a good blog. Great responses. Read it here.

Last week I shared I was reading Dr. Truelove, a YA novel by Derrick Barnes. Check out my review here. The story also influenced my 3WW post, "Streaking." Remember to check my sidebar for contests and other cool links.

Happy reading.


Anonymous said...

Little lov'n Monday sounds awesome! I'll have to try this one out. Twitter is slow for me too... I keep forgetting it exists, then I go back to it and think I should really get into this more! Thanks for all the great links in this post.

Gavin said...

Twitter is leaving me in the dust..I guess it's because I have a basic phone plan and am usually online once a day, if that. It is fascinating to me, this need to be constantly connected.

I will check out C.O.R.A. Thanks for all the links.

susan said...

Hi Gavin, I have a cell but I don't check Twitter on it. It seems we have a constant need to connect but the interaction is becoming shorter and shorter. Remember when we met in coffee houses or each others' homes for hours? I miss that yet I am one of those who rely on the net to connect, too.

Nymeth said...

You got me very, very curious about Jumped!

Despite having been on Twitter since February, I feel that I'm still learning too. I have a ancient and internetless cellphone, so I really only use Twitter at home. And I found that what works for me is to give it my attention for half or whatever, and not even try to keep up with what goes on there the rest of the time. If I did I'd quickly be overwhelmed.

But I agree with you and definitely doesn't replace slower, more lengthy and deeper forms of communication.

Staci said...

I just started on Facebook and am having way too much fun!! I'm going to do Lovin' Monday for sure!!

Eva said...

I haven't gotten on Twitter, just because I don't need to spend more time online! ;) I had no idea it was Asian Pacific Island awareness month...I want to get to The Whale Rider this month, but other than that I don't think I know any authors from that area.

Zetta Elliott said...

Can't do Twitter--just can't! I spend too much time online as it is...just posted my CORA book review...always so much going on!